Monday, March 20, 2006

All my favorite singers*...

Last night I saw Silver Jews live. It's only the 8th time they've ever played a live show. It was amazing. I'll post more about it, and certainly tell you anything and everything you could ever want to know if you wanna ask me. I spent the entire concert about 10 feet from David Berman. Front row. I cannot stress how close to the stage I was...during the opening bands, I was siting on the stage. That's how close I was.

Wonderful show. Just terrific.

After the show, Mark jumped on stage and retreived for me the set list used by Cassie Berman the bass player and D Berman's wife. Needless to say I was the envy of many of the other geeky SJ fans in attendance.

The set list is here. I think it's particularly endearing that the set list includes the chords for the songs. I guess when you never tour it's harder to remember how to play all the songs.

Sadly they didn't play the second encore (Inside the Golden Days of Missing You). But it was so good that I can't say I really minded in the least.

*From "we are real" which they didn't play, alas. Hopefully in years to come I'll be able to hear them again. How exciting.

"Repair is the dream
of the broken thing.
Like a message broadcast
on an overpass.
All my favorite singers couldn't sing."

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