Friday, March 17, 2006


According to my PT I'm making good progress. I've even been cleared to start jogging. With this permission I went to the gym and ran on Wednesday. It was delightful. I don't normally enjoy running. The oft referenced runners high doesn't seem to work for me, maybe I'm doing it wrong. I get a high which I'd imagine is not unlike smoking oregano. Not so effective.

But running on Wednesday was perfect. I ran 3 minutes and walked 2 and did this for 20 minutes. The walking was per PT's orders. Not from fatigue.

First 3 minutes: 7mph, or roughly 8:30 mile.
Second 3 minutes: 7.5mph or closer to 8 minute mile
Third 3 minutes: 8mph or about 7:30 minute mile.
Fourth 3 minutes: 9mph or a scorching and liberating 6:30 minute mile.

Again, it's a long way to go, and 3 minutes of running even at a brisk pace isn't comparable to playing game 3 on a Sunday at a tournament. But it's a start. And a reassuring one at that.

PT says I'll be able to play at FoolsFest. Not as much as I'd like, and clearly not as well as I'd like. But knowing that I'll get to play is such a treasure. Such a great feeling. Here's hoping I don't step off any curbs or do anything stupid in the next few weeks.

Corpse foot is no more, it's been replaced with shiny sleek foot. I shaved my ankle to make taping it easier and less painful. Pretty sexy, I might add. So I've entered the world of the ankle tapers. Here's to a brief visit.

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