Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Updates since the 25th

Some basic updates:

1. Round about the 27th...I think I decided that in the not terribly distant future (next 2 years or so) I will go to grad school. I want to be a politics professor. It remains an occupation that I thnk I could do well. And moreover it's one that I think is important and one that I would enjoy. So, that's something.

2. There are rumblings and stirrings that one Ms. Willemssen may find herself relocating to DC. This is very good news. I will have to assemble a greeting party of wonderful, elligible bachelors to greet her at the airport. Or maybe just some dorky guys like me. It'd be strange to live in the same city as both Ann and Melissa. Hell, maybe Jen will end up here, there are plenty of public health jobs.

3. Halloween party. I cohosted (with my upstairs neighbor) a tremendously well received Halloween Party. A good time was had by all. I dressed up, for the first time since I was 12 when I was Bernie Kosar. This year I went as Richie Tenenbaum. And I have to say, I was stunning. Seriously I looked good as R.T. Though I also had a few drinks and therefore my self (and really all) perception was a bit screwy. Libby carved beautiful pumpkin art, Liz came as Waldo, Jesseca as a flapper, Jared came as me, etc. It was a great evening.

4. Last weekend I went up towards Philly for PADA MOSH. A tournament up in the Philly area. A recap would take a while. Suffice to say, it was one of the best Saturday's I've spent at a tournament. I guarded and was guarded by people who the weekend before had been playing at Nationals. And I took it to them (especially Knappy from Donkey Bomb). I felt good. It felt good. Laughed, and lost my voice. It was an amazing day. Sunday was less good, but you know what, a bad tournament is still better than most things I can imagine.

5. Work continues apace. We do good work. I sometimes wonder if I am doing good work. I feel like I am a poor writer. I described my writing style as like that of streetballers, able to get by with flashes of brillance but never fundamentally sound. I dunk well. But I don't play much help defense. Something like that.

So that's the news from Mt. Pleasant, where all the men are neurotic, the women are talented, and the children are spoiled.

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