Friday, November 11, 2005


So tomorrow is the tournament for B league. The rag tag team of misfits that I've been captaining, RAZE, goes into the tournament seeded...oh let's just say, if it's not last it's pretty close. We've been bad this year, we've lost every game except for the first one. It's been sorta ugly. But tomorrow is another day. We have four games and a chance to break seed. I've decided that to the best of my ability I'm going to try and be a dominant presence in these games. Somedays I just sort of play and let things happen around me, and other days I decide I want the goddamn disc and go and make plays. I'm hoping tomorrow can be one of those days. If not, I'll be plenty content to spend a day hanging out with Libby and JKD and Shamik and running around, shouting silly things. Then tomorrow evening I get to hang out with Neil and Aaron, and Dave. Life is favoring me. Quite nicely.

We'll see what I have to write when the games are done. My captaincy has not been marked by the best win loss record. I'd like to think it's about personel, but I think it may just be that I'm a shitty captain. Oh well. Nothing ventured nothing gained.

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