Thursday, November 10, 2005

Sorry to be such a downer

I'm sorry this blog has so frequently been a downer recently. Yet again, as in Seattle I'm finding that as frisbee season ends and the weather gets colder and the days shorter that I'm not doing as well. But I know that I have a good group of friends here in DC. They've pushed me to make sure I go to the doctor and do basic things like take care of myself. It's a good group of people and I'm lucky to have them.

In other good news: I have a tournament this weekend (Saturday only). In better news Neil and Aaron are coming down to visit. That's right it's Neil, Aaron and myself together again. I'm very excited. I believe there will be some singing of Silver Jews, some smoking of cigars. Undoubtedly some mocking of Dave, who is coming down for the festivities. It promises to be a good weekend. A reminder that while I may have lost some friends I've retained many more.

In other good news, next weekend I'll be watching the OSU Buckeyes take on, and hopefully beat Michigan, afterwards Jesseca and I are heading out to go for a hike in Boonsboro. Then Sunday we may see Antietam (sp). Should be a good time. Looking forward to being out of the city. I love little vacations. And since I'm old I can rent cars. It'll be the first time I've driven a car in roughly 6 months. Yikes.

It'll be nice to put some miles on the car. I, sadly, have missed driving, quite a bit.

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