Monday, May 22, 2006


Over the weekend BRDM played a tournament up near Philly. Actually we were closer to Kennett Square, which also, we later learned served as the location of the hospital for Barbaro. Thankfully none of our injuries this weekend were so severe that we had to consider putting anyone down. Paul hurt his hamstring, but I think we'll just put him out to stud.

We lost more than we won, but we improved dramatically this weekend. We started to make more and better cuts, and make better decisions. All in all a really rewarding weekend. I managed to avoid any great injury, so I was pleased in that regard.

As with every tournament there was a lot of random chatter and bizarre (or bizaro-charles) comments/commentary. My favorite line from the weekend came from Keith (also of RAZE). We're ordering drinks and so forth at this Italian restaurant near the hotel and Keith asks if they have "pitchers." The waitress eagerly says, "Yes." Keith asks for a pitcher of Miller Lite to which the waitress replies: "We only have wine in pitchers." Now I have to imagine she means caraffes, because I can't imagine a place that would be so low class as to serve wine in a beer pitcher. Though I guess I'd have to admit I'd like to go to just such a place. Tired from a day of ultimate, and just looking to get some beer, Keith asks with some frustration creeping into his voice, "Well, then can I just have a couple of beers."

I don't know that "can I just have a couple of beers" will seem funny to anyone else. But to me, it's this wonderful line. It's forlorn, and earnest, hopeful and pathetic. Congrats to Keith for the line of the weekend, in my mind.

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