Friday, May 19, 2006


Iran is considering forcing all non-Muslims to wear cloth that indicates their faith. Christians get red, Zoroastrians blue...and in an obvious homage to attrocities gone by, Jews would wear yellow.

I don't believe in comparing people to Hitler. I think it's a useless analogy and one that simply prevents rational discussion. But I don't imagine that's going to stop a great many people from invoking those comparisons here.

Decisions based on poor analogies are dangerous, and considerably moreso when the analogies are drawn to reinforce a pre-existing political goal. I would love to believe that in the face of such awful human rights violations that our government would work together and try to solve this problem. What I do believe is that the administration will use this to further its electoral goals. They will paint Democrats as weak, as having not learned the lessons of the Holocaust. In 2002 Democrats were compared to Osama Bin Laden, now it'll be Neville Chamberlin, and images of death camps.

I would like to believe that our national goal will be to solve the problem--to see to it that religious minorities in Iran are not singled out and persecuted. That's a goal worth working toward, but I imagine this may simply be a tool to futher bludgeon one another.

Here's another thought: it's been in the parliament for 2 years. where has the Bush administration been those past two years. where was their concern then? where was their pressure then?

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