Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Ankles aweigh my boy, ankles aweigh.

Spent yet another day home on the couch with my ankle propped up. Fortunately it has moved from grapefruit-ishly swollen to softball and today I would say it was closer to a racquetball. Here's to tiddly winks in the near future.

There is a good deal less pain and quite a bit less swelling. Things are definitely moving in the right direction. There may even be some recovery lesson to be learned...ie, when you get hurt take it seriously and it'll go away more quickly. I guess that could be one of the lessons, but I'll give you even odds on whether I learn it.

I was, fortunately, able to work from home today. It's both reassuring and somewhat remarkable to me that I was basically just as productive working from home in my pajamas as I would have been in the office. And the music was better.

Speaking of which, while I was home in Ohio over break I was able to get to the Ipod store at Easton and my mini has been replaced. They gave me a brand new one. My old one was flawed in a severe way, it would just flash the logo and shut off...over and again. So I'm now the proud owner...again of a semi functional ipod. Spent a good deal of time the past few nights trying to make the software and hardware work together. I think I finally have it. hooray for technology.

It will be strange to be spending the night on the couch instead of the fields. Tonight is normally reserved for Gunston pickup. I love the lights and the astroturf and hate knowing that somewhere my friends are having fun and playing frisbee without me. Though clearly tonight I would not have much fun playing, but still it's the principle of the matter. Instead I will be eating leftover Indian take out with Jesseca. And we will both be icing our ankles. Her ankle has been messed up for a while. Couples ankle icing. Not quite as cool or TV worthy as couples figure skating, or ice dancing. I just hope she decides to come over, you know what they say about couples that ice their ankles together...they risk getting cold feet.

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