Saturday, August 13, 2005

What's with Hungary

While wanding the backroads of the internet I came across this site. Music Ecosystem. The site is designed to help record execs to better market their does this by telling you what songs are being downloaded (illegally, I assume) the most.

It's a data mining application. But it's incredibly comprehensive. It tells you the % of users who have an artist or song in their collection.

Silver Jews............ .04%
Modest Mouse............ .76%
Built to Spill............ .36%
Neutral Milk Hotel............ .16%
The Pixies............ 1.84%

The most popular artist... Eminem. 29.25% of all users have an Eminem song in their collection.

The program will also tell you what kinds of music people with Modest Mouse will like. I should like

You can also search for the most popular artists in a given country. For instance Austrians really like The Rolling Stones, while Argentines love Oasis and the Poles are into Madonna and The Talking Heads. Hungarians have from what I've seen thus far the worst taste in music...or at least the furthest from my own:
1. Supertramp.
2. Barry White.
3. Chicago.
4. Paco De Lucia
5. Yes

Oddly enough, in Britain the most popular artist...Bruce Springsteen. That's right, more Brits have the Boss than the Beatles. This is the marriage of two great things, ready data (especially in list form) with music. I love it.

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