Thursday, April 21, 2005


The new pope has an email address. It's: Several strange things there, first don't you figure it could just be, as it's not possible for there to be two popes. If I were the only Aaron at Oberlin, I'd have had my email be, but there were others so the school was more specific. Also, can you imagine that there will be a lot of emails that are to Benedict XVI that are independent of his role as Pope. I have to imagine that everyone one of the emails he receives is concerning his being the Pope. So when he dies, the email should just go to his successor, just like the popemobile and apartment.

The other thing I adore about the Pope having an email address: He's going to get spammed like no one else on earth. The only close competitor might be Bill Gates. But can you imagine how entertaining it would be to see the number of penis enlargement emails that the pontiff gets. How many times per minute will he get a great offer on refinancing his Papal apartment? Thousands. How many Nigerian dissidents will have a deal for him, and this time they'll actually know with whom they are speaking. It's just a little too "of this earth" for my outsider understanding of the Pope.

Who gets the job of reading the emails? Or do we think that the Pope is like Joe Trippi and he'll spend all night reading every email? I hope for a Papal Blog next. That'd be fantastic. I'm figuring a lot of "OMG Can U believe Cardinal Fitzgerald said that, I swear I thought I was gonna die!!!" Maybe not. Does it seem wrong that you can email God's representative on earth, especially using a form that encourages emoticons? Will there be a Saint of the smiley face? God, I hope so.

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