Friday, February 18, 2005

Meet Me in St. Louis

The gang is getting back together. Neil Gray from the North, Aaron from the West and ABJ from the midwest will come together, and by their powers combined...who the hell knows what'll happen. I'm guessing it'll be a giant nerd fest, with some overtures towards drunkeness rebuffed by good old fashioned adult responsibility. We'll be just like the Saint Lunatics, but without Nelly, and without rap careers and without Mascot (the one whose only role in the group seems to be wearing a half mask a la phantom of the opera).

My flight(s) take me to luxurious and thrilling Missoula, Montana. That's right. Missoula. I travel from Seattle to Missoula (to reiterate fucking Missoula montana is part of my itinerary) on a prop plane. I'm jazzed, working out as I have been, I'm sure we'll make better time than if I were my previous heavier self.

Then I fly to Minneapolis. Sit on the runway there. Then I fly to Saint Louis. Total travel time upwards of 9 hours. Sweet!

But it'll easily be worth it to see Neil and Aaron. Not sure what we'll do there. I'm thinking the Arch may be involved. And potentially the art museum, if for no other reason than that it's called the SLAM. And with that, somewhere the guy from Onyx just got 22 cents worth of royalties from the soundtrack in my head.

Long story short, I'm heading back to the Mid West for the weekend and beyond, and I'm loving it. The land of plump citizens. Gateway to the west, bi-yatch, it's St. Louis. Etc. I'm sure there will be no end of Nelly references and potentially one of us can try to work in a few Chingy references. For instance, "Hey ABJ where are the bath towels?" ABJ, "Right thurr." See works like a charm. Plus we can exclaim that others should "shake a tail feather" in honor of Murphy Lee. And finally we can all come together to mock the silliness that is J-Kwon. "Tipsy" while catchy is the one of the most vapid things to enter pop culture since the "I Like Girls Who Wear Abercrombie and Fitch" attrocity visited upon Earth by LFO.

Anyways...I can only assume that Aaron has moved out of his Smooth Jazz phase. Otherwise it may get ugly.

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