Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Mark Dayton Out In MN.

Mark Dayton just announced that he will not seek reelection to his senate seat in 2006. Sounds from the news articles as though he was facing poor poll results, and maybe was just too battered having closed his office due to the "terror" warnings.

So who comes next? Ezra thinks it could be Garrison Keillor and offers this passage from his book (GK's not EK's) as evidence of the lanky bachelor farmers prowess with framing:

Medicare says that even though you're not working and may need special help with the ordinary business of life, you have value in this society. This is a Democratic idea. Be a howling right-winger if it gives you pleasure, but nonetheless milk comes from cows and Medicare comes from Democrats.

I read that book, and I remember that passage. I got teary-eyed reading it. I wouldn't mind work that got me teary-eyed, for the right reasons, and not out of frustration. It's been a while on that front.

Other candidates: David Wellstone. I don't know what to think of David. He reminds me, from the little contact I've had (seeing him a few times), of his father and that's a great thing.

Other potential candidates:
Al Franken
Mee Moua (1st Hmong State Senator in the nation)
Randy Kelly (conservative mayor of Saint Paul)
Collin Peterson (Conservative Representative from Western MN)
Matt Entenza (progressive State Rep from Saint Paul/Macalester)
Becky Lourey (progressive saint from Iron Range)
Judi Dutcher (Great former republican, from the 'burbs
Alan Page (former purple people eater, and Supreme Court Justice)
Walter Mondale (ride that horse till it can't stand up)
Darack Ebama... (umm..I think I may have made that last one up).

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