Friday, January 07, 2005

School Pride Goeth..

It turns out that while Miguel Villafana was and will always be and outlier in Oberlin's neatly arrayed graph, he's not alone. He's joined by Michelle Malkin.

Michelle Malkin, she of the very nice hair, and hair raising anger, is an Obie.
For those of you not familiar with Michelle's work, she wrote "In Defense of Internment: The Case for "Racial Profiling" in World War II and the War on Terror."

Malkin defended the internment of Japanese-Americans during WWII

I think that, based on the military intelligence and legal assessments at the time, the Roosevelt administration did the best that it could do [interning Japanese-Americans]. [Scarborough Country, 8/9/04]

And I think that one of the main problems with public education today is it's got this America-bashing component. We are made to have this collective guilt trip for everything that's been done to protect the homeland during World War II and today. And I think we need to stop that. [The Sean Hannity Show, 8/9/04]

Think one person can a difference. Think one commentator can make me weep.

Oh, and one more tirade.

On the members of Women for Kerry

But Rosie [the Riveter] is gone. And in her place, we have Hysterical Women for Kerry. They are self-absorbed celebrities who support banning all guns (except the ones their bodyguards use to protect them and their children). They are teachers' union bigwigs who support keeping all children hostage in public schools (except their own sons and daughters who have access to the best private institutions). They are sanctimonious environmentalists who oppose ostentatious energy consumption (except for their air-conditioned Malibu mansions and Gulfstream jets and custom Escalades).

They are antiwar activists who claim to love the troops (except when they're apologizing to the terrorists trying to kill our men and women in uniform). They are peace activists who balk at your son bringing in his "Star Wars" light saber for the kindergarten Halloween parade (but who have no problem serving as human shields for torture-loving dictators). They are ultrafeminists who purport to speak for all women (but not the unborn ones or the abstinent teenage ones or the minority conservative ones or the newly enfranchised ones in Afghanistan).


We've come a long way, baby. The wrong way. Get a grip, girls. You are an embarrassment to a nation at war.

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