Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Nothing to Speak Of

Jen usually has to leave for work earlier than I do. (she has a real job, with responsibilities and the like). This gives me a chance to lay in bed and make happy stretching/lounging noises while she's getting ready. Today she turned and jokingly said, "that's it, I was going to skip work, stay here and whisper sweet-nothings but now I'm leaving for work." What exactly are sweet nothings. Below is a list of those that I recited for Jen.
1. Zero
2. Nada
3. Zilch
4. -2+2
5. pi minus pi
6. Zero times anything.

Jen responded with pi divided by pi minus one. She's always been better at fancy math.

I offer these as romantic tips, sweet nothings to be whispered to the geeky partner of your choice.

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