Friday, February 10, 2006


In preparation for Libby's Minnesota Party (quite exciting, really) I've been trying to think of a suitable costume. I feel some (self imposed) pressure to come up with something good. Afterall I'm something of an adopted Minnesotan and take a certain measure of silly pride in being able to come up with funny, inventive suggestions for others. But I'm struggling for myself. I have some notions, but nothing that sets me to tizzying (yes, I've made it a verb). What of it?

So I went in search of inspiration. I found this web site of photos of Minneapolis. No help with the costume, but man do I miss living there. I love it here in DC, don't get me wrong. I'm fortunate to have great friends. I have a good job. I have an easy commute. I don't have to drive. And yet, there are times when I dearly miss Minneapolis (and others when it's for Seattle that I Pine*). Something about the neighborhoods, the easy sensibility of the place just appeals to me. I love the lakes, the parks, the sculpture garden. I never have this longing about Westerville. I wish I did. I wish I were as zealous about my hometown as I am about my adopted homes.

I just don't feel connected spiritually, culturally, aesthetically or politically to Central Ohio. I can name more political leaders and restaurants in Minneapolis than in Westerville or Columbus. I'm not sure why that is, but it's very much the case.

I don't know if I'd want to live there now. I think I'd really miss my friends and Winter is quite strong in Minneapolis. But man, do I miss being there. Oh well. At least I have photos.

*(Sometimes I also Pike for Seattle)

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