Thursday, September 22, 2005


A while back I was introduced to Over Heard in NY. Basically it's hundreds of people who record the minutae and ridiculousness of overheard conversations in the Big Apple. My fellow commuters tend to be both somber and sober in the mornings, so I get few interesting overheard nuggets. I have witnessed a woman dilligently recording in a nicely bound leather journal every text message she received (or sent) from a lover of hers. The book was open directly under me (as I stood) and several of the passages were particularly sweet and corny. One indicated that her paramour "thinks of her roughly every 37.8 seconds." The strange thing, to me, was that she was recording the date, time and second that she received each and every message. It became more like an autistic librarian effort than a catalogue of love letters.

But who am I to criticize young lover. I've done some strange and (I thought touching) things while deeply in love, so here's to the text message lady. Hope it works out.

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